Connect to your
Inner Flow

Create your future from the present moment through an understanding of how meditation and mindfulness work.


Helps us to focus our attention, stay in the present moment, and increase awareness.


A mental training process that helps us to escape the drama of our thoughts, become less reactive, make better decisions, and become more compassionate to ourselves and others.


Understanding how mindfulness and meditation affect our bodies, and ultimately our health.

Unique Value Proposition

When we are no longer restricted by our subconscious fears, it is only then that we can evolve into our full potential to live as loving beings, and thus create a more harmonious world for all.

Presence to Pupils (P2P) empowers you to create your future from the present moment through an understanding of how meditation and mindfulness work, using simple explanations, demonstrations, and stories.

As you begin to practice meditating, P2P offers guidance and support, including how to integrate your practice into living more mindfully. Through your meditation practice, you will become aware of limiting beliefs and habits programmed into your subconscious from your past. Awareness allows you to begin the process of pruning these beliefs and habits, and therefore makes way for creating conscious and sustainable changes in your life. As a result, you will literally see and feel a release of tension in your body, and as you are kinder to yourself you will naturally begin to be kinder to others.

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Mindfulness For Kids

Passion Project
Find out how mindfulness is beneficial for children.
July 4 2014 055

Over the years Trice has been interviewed on several occasions by prestigious channels.

Love Based Donations

Love-based donations

To battle the mental health crisis that young people are struggling with I am now offering love based donation appointments for young adults between the ages of 12 and 25. Mindfulness, Meditation and Neuroscience will be taught. The youth will be provided with tools and understanding and inspired to practice skills to alleviate And/or prevent anxiety and depression.

Definition; love based donation [ luhv beyst doh-ney-shuhn] verb

Giving according to your means and the benefit that you feel your child has gained. If you are able to afford to give more, it will cover for those who are less fortunate.

Meet Trice Berlinski

Trice Berlinski

Presence to Pupils


A way to transform Meditation into a way of living.




4 Reasons to say YES!

Walk in a new light. You will learn to observe yourself so that you can leave behind the aspects of yourself you no longer want holding you back. This new version of you will reach new heights of personal and professional success!

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