4 Reasons to say YES!

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I am extremely grateful to Trice Berlinski who worked with me during a very turbulent time in my life. As a Mother, I was consumed with fear, anxiety of the unknown and bitterness toward the justice system. Everything seemed to be snowballing into an avalanche. Working with Trice helped me to find Peace in my meditation…my mind and heart could find new pathways in which to travel the road I was on. Many circumstances did not change for quite some time. What did change, was my ability to navigate through highly negative pathways, without getting consumed. I found my Peace again. I highly recommend Trice to others as they journey to find their Peace and in these turbulent times. God’s Blessings to all – Lucy Brooks

And, 3 more reasons to say YES to allowing me to help you find your way:

  1. Trice has taught me that meditation is about being present in the here and now. Her insights have given me some tools to help me with everyday life. She is great at teaching, motivating and really easy to work with and talk to. I enjoy our meetings. – Janel

  2. Trice is a wonderful meditation coach. Through our weekly meetings with her I have learned that meditation will help me be present in the moment and not miss out on wonderful events in my life, learn to be mindful of things around me and is always enjoyable and straight up fun! If your looking for a loving, easy to work with and professional meditation coach, then Trice is that person you’ve been looking for. – Jaden

  3. Sliding Scale Fees – I will work with you at a rate you can afford!

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