Meditation is the practice of intentional focus, where you repeatedly bring your attention back to the subject of your focus when your mind wanders. Mindfulness meditation is moment-by-moment awareness, noticing what is without changing anything, inviting curiosity, and letting go of judgement.

When You Might Need Meditation


Those who have experienced trauma often feel unsafe in their body.

Nervous System

You have lost the ability to relax because your nervous system is wired for protection at all times.

Inner Self

It might feel impossible to pick yourself back up and continue to live your life.

Guided Meditations, Virtual or In Person:
20 or 30-minute options

Guided meditations provide the voice many people need to keep their minds from wandering as they learn to focus. While the possibilities are endless, some options for this meditation include breath, compassion, gratitude, or body scan. 

Faith Based Meditation:
30 minutes

The key teachings of meditation are used to better understand and apply the lessons from the bible. Faith-based mediation invites God into the meditation and will take on different meanings according to the meditator. This mediation asks us to seek and trust in God’s guidance, wisdom and peace during the mediation process.

Introduction to Meditation 101:
90 minutes

Certain you can’t meditate? Simple scientific explanations, demonstrations, and stories will change your mind, literally, as you learn to create a meditation practice that’s just right for you.

Meditation 102:
90 minutes

Building on the Meditation 101 class, this class will add depth to your understanding of meditation, include additional practices, and touch on how to create the future you desire.

Results From Meditation