What my clients say

One of the BEST classes I’ve ever taken. What I learned has definitely helped me with becoming more the person I want to be and I’m sure will enable me to continue on the path of mindfulness and living in the moment. I highly recommend it! 🙌

Thank you Patrice so much for your corporate mindfulness class. Your informative and scientific explanation really helped me to understand on a deeper level. The benefits of increased productivity, less safety incidents, and improved overall mental well-being can really assist any manager or business owner who is looking for a sharper edge with their team. I look forward to seeing the business results improve with greater mindfulness in our workplace!

Trice designed and conducted a Mindfulness Weekend for our group. It was a very comprehensive experience that covered many aspects of leading a mindful life. Our group came away from the weekend with knowledge and techniques that would enhance and affect their lives. I highly recommend Trice to anyone seeking a deeper and richer life experience. 💪

My ten year old daughter loved her lesson with Trice. She stayed engaged the whole time and glowed the rest of the day. Trice offered practical, relate-able skills at just the right pace and full of kindness. You can tell she walks her talk. I feel like bringing this teaching to my daughter while she is young will serve her the rest of her life. We will definitely continue!

Trice is a gifted teacher of mindfulness. Her understanding and acceptance of meeting students where they are on their journey is an experience of going deeper.

Trice assisted my overachieving, highly anxious daughter learn the art of mindfulness. The tools and strategies Trice taught her has her feeling more in control and better able to manage her anxiety, especially in relationship to her “perfectionist personality”. I would highly recommend Trice’s services.

Trice spent an hour per week with my children during the summer teaching them the tools for bringing more mindfulness into their lives. She was really able to connect with each of them even though the ages ranged from 11-17. Trice has a gift for connecting with children and reaching them in a way they can understand. I believe she taught them tools that they can use for the rest of their lives. I’m excited to work with her again in the future. 🙌

If you were one of 200 individuals who attended the “Room to Breathe” movie event and panel discussion, you will remember Anthony Barnett, the sixth grader who charmed us, speaking with aplomb and humor. He uses mindfulness during tests to calm down and focus. “Since their [mindfulness] class lessons in March, Anthony’s daily frustrations have decreased tremendously. He doesn’t bring home papers to re-do that are filled with answers like, “I don’t know”… most importantly, his self-reflection is improved; he thinks about his reactions and how a different reaction could have altered the outcome.”

I have known Trice as a colleague, mentor, and now as a friend. Right from my first interaction with Trice, she has come across as an extremely insightful, wise, and intellectual individual. While she has more than 20 years of corporate experience, she is also certified as a mindfulness trainer, meditation instructor, and a life coach. She is one of those rare people who strikes a remarkable balance between the material and spiritual fields and is also adept at teaching these skills to other individuals at a corporate level. Trice is also one of the few NeuroChangeSolutions Corporate Consultants in the US, trained and certified directly by Dr. Joe Dispenza. She is a seasoned corporate consultant and is well-versed with the concepts of neuroscience of change that enable sustainable change in companies. I also admire Trice’s deep passion for teaching Mindfulness to children and teens and guiding them through meditation and yoga. Her constant attitude of humility, service, empathy, and compassion makes Trice a true leader in her field.

Sana: Before I didn’t like mindfulness but now I understand and it really helps me calm down and relax. It helps me focus and encourages me to try harder. It tells me not to give up and reminds me of my strength, family, and past as well as who I am. Mindfulness has helped me throughout my life and sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing it in the first place. Before I didn’t like mindfulness, but that’s the past. I liked the brain research the most.
Elaina: I think mindfulness helps you with calmed because I get calmed down. And it feels good. I wish you could come back to our class. I really miss you.
Gabe: I enjoyed mindfulness. I teach it to my mom. I’ll use it if I get mad. It helps when I’m mad and sad also when I have a lot of things on my mind. I love mindfulness. Mindfulness can calm you down. My favorite part was the ninja walking. Also, yesterday I went to my cousin’s house and I was playing toy story 3 and I got mad and I did mindfulness and won the level!
Ella: I think mindfulness helps me a lot and I’m thankful for your lessons. You are really nice and your lessons help me a lot in life. Thank you for the lessons!
April: If you had a bad day and you do mindfulness you will feel better. Thank you for being a great mindfulness teacher.
Tim: One time I was so into mindfulness that I taught my mom and dad how to do mindfulness.
Izzy: If you take longer deep breaths you will feel calmer. Mindfulness is in need if you want to punch or throw something. It will help you to say I forgive you. It can make thoughts come out. If you open your eyes slowly, it feels good. If a friend is mean don’t hit just do mindfulness and you’re their friend.
Alec: I did mindfulness when my brother bothered me. It helped. Mindfulness helps calm people down.
It helps me to be calm.

John was placed into my classroom after he got into a fight with a classmate. John had a reputation of being a tough kid; street smart, the product of his environment though with a big heart and a conscience. A natural athlete, he played basketball and volleyball on the varsity Special Olympics team but had a lot of learning to do in regards to sportsmanship and playing with a team.

We made it through the 2012-2013 school year with a handful of trips to the principal’s office and discussions with other staff regarding inappropriate language and behavior. John didn’t finish the school year, leaving the week before summer break as he did the year before. He repeatedly stated he hates school, he’s bored and particularly doesn’t like the last week where a lacking routine tended to make him more anxious.

He is diagnosed with ADHD but does not take medication. John returned to my classroom for the 2013-2014 school year and immediately began saying this was his last year. He would turn 18 in March and planned to exit early and graduate in June; nothing or no one could change his mind.

This was the same year I attended the Crim Fit Mindfulness Training where I met Trice Berlinski, Mindfulness Educator. I was intrigued by Mindfulness for myself personally at first but quickly came to realize how beneficial it could be for my students. This was also the year that John became hooked on all the sports our school had to offer, poly hockey, basketball and volleyball again.

I started doing 3 mindful minutes with the class before Trice started coming to the classroom. I was excited to have her come as an outside person to lead my students in mindfulness but I had no idea how it would be received; with a significant gap in cognitive functioning levels. I didn’t know who would get it or find it helpful or even care, though I knew it was something some of my students really needed in their life – the tools to help them calm down, restart, focus, sleep, relax.

John was one of those students. By early March John had moved himself into a complicated living arrangement and was convinced he was still going to graduate and get a job in June. Trice continued our twice a week lessons and in mid-May John questioned me about why we continue this, “It doesn’t even do anything” he said. I reminded him he has to practice the tools at home, on the basketball court, other places besides here in class. Just like basketball itself, you must practice!

During an intense game on the volleyball court at the Special Olympics Summer Games, John was observed taking a “mindful second” he put his arms at his side, shook his hands out, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The team took GOLD!

At the end of May John decided that he wanted to continue going to school at Elmer Knopf and wouldn’t graduate this year. He even remained at school through the last week before break, something he had never done in the past. When his buttons were pushed and he became upset one day just before summer break he walked out of the building and sat down on a bench right outside the door, calming himself down instead of punching a wall (or a person) and then requested to talk to the individual privately before returning to class.

John surprised everyone by enrolling in the summer program and didn’t miss a day! Most exciting, is that the Gold medal volleyball team he was a part of was selected to participate in the Special Olympic World Summer Games held in Los Angeles, California in 2015!!